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Web Broker & Healthcare Reform:

Searching for Healthcare Reform details for individuals. You have come to the right place. We are experts in benefit solutions and are certified in Healthcare Reform.

It will cost you nothing to leverage the advice and opinion of an expert schooled in the benefit programs available with Healthcare Reform and the open market both.

We can easily and simply assist you in navigating the maze of applying for medical coverage and you will see on the .gov website if you qualify for a subsidy.

At this time, the exchanges or Marketplace is available for the individual market only.

Having a good, comprehensive employee benefits program is a critical piece to incentivise employees and increase your employee retention.  This helps the employee shift from feeling like “just an employee” to realizing they have a “career”.  The employee then becomes more productive, successful, and will continue employment long term.

With many options available, the process of selecting the most appropriate plan can be daunting at best.  It requires a thorough understanding of insurance plans available, ability to manipulate and structure benefit plans or combinations of plans to accomommodate your business and employee needs, and the capability to negotiate the lowest possible rates for your business.  Bankers Insurance Group, B.I.G., has the expertise and relationships to help you find the best plan for your employees and your bottom line.

BIG is an employee benefits and woriksite agency providing our clients with the expertise they need to navigate through the complex world of group and individual insurance given the current environment with Healthcare Reform.

What You Can Expect “from Our B.I.G. Services”:

Enrollment meetings:  Enrollment Meetings inject an immeaserable worth to the success of your benefit program and the value related to your employees.  It is paramount that each employee clearly understands the options and benefits to them and how to access those benefits.

On-going Administration:

You will have assistance with processing new hires, terminations,and general changes of employee status change such as marriage or new address.

Your employees will be confident BIG is always available to resolve billing or claims issues and appeals and will do the work for them with carriers to correct any questions or problems.  We believe an employee should not spend work time trying to get answers or solutions.  This also saves the employer and employee the hassle of struggling to negotiate the confusing world of medical benefits.


We will re-evaluate your plans and perform a comprehensive needs analysis.  We will prepare a professional presentation of choices that best meet your needs.


We are active in many committees in Oklahoma that provide advisement and assist in structuring of the healthcare reform issues for the State of Oklahoma.  We keep up to date on current changes and issues involving Healthcare Reform.

Human Resource Benefits That Gives You ”A B.I.G. Focus On Compliance”

Bankers Insurance Group has formed a strong alliance with a LOCAL Human Resources company who has been in business since 1980.  We proudly are providing this important benefit to our employers.

Having continued access to a professional in human resources is a money saver and helps in becoming and remaining compliant with Department of Labor and State Statutes.  This is of merit especially to those businesses whom cannot dedicate a full time person to this job, does not want to hire that level of expertise, or may just need part time assistance to be available as support may be needed.

Some of the Benefits of our Human Resources:

  • Available as-needed or hired on a retainer
  • HR Audits available as extensive or partial audit
  • Assistance, design, or updating of Employee Handbook
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Performance Management
  • EEO Compliance and Affirmative Action plans
  • Safety and OSHA compliance procedures
  • Job analyses, job desciptions and specifications, and job evaluation
  • Employment administration/record keeping and maintenance procedures

Executive Search:

The network for executive contacts is extensive to aid in identifying candidates quickly and placements will be guaranteed for one year due to a successful track record.  They subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Executive Search Consultants.

Out Placement:

You will have personalized outplacement services in regard to Situational Assessment, Personal Evaluation, Resume/Preparation, Job Campaign, Selt-Marketing, Interviewing, and Negotiation.  They will have access to office space, a library of resources, counseling interviewing preparation, testing for vocational interests and job suitability, Financial Planning, Secretarial Services, unlimited support and many more benefits.

B.I.G .can provide a range of offerings from traditional benefits to the out of ordinary to best suit your needs and those of your employees.  Our service will surpass industry standards and we have earned a reputation of excellence.  Our clients are the most important part of our business and we want to retain your business for many, many years.

Give us the opportunity to earn your business.

Give us a call or stop by our offices!

Please click here for our video with discussion of what B.I.G. can do to help your business.